I've been having some thoughts to write a new Bio for Babayaga Ojo, since a good chunk of time has passed by, and history has earned the new words. I'll write a brief  history on the band's start and how fate touched upon us; I think writing about the past entirely misses the point however, because Babayaga Ojo is an entirely different band than that of the 80s and 90s. 

The band was created by Bangolot (Bango) in 1985 with the name Cmentarna Elita, after a short period of time the name was changed to Babayaga Ojo. Throughout the groups history there was lots of membership changes, and its worth naming the people that have tied up themselves into the band. It's obvious that Bango was the leader and vocalist, most of the lyrics were his creation. His wife (Perelka) also contributed raging vocals and choruses. Other past members included Skubany (git), Lugi (bas), Pigmej (git), Ksiac (dr), Kon (git), Wosiek (bas), Glapson (git), Bigos (git), Kostek (dr), myself - Kobel (bas), where I first geared with the group in 1986 at a hop production center in Nowy Tomysl. 

Some accomplishments of the band include the demo "Zwiewk i atomowy muchomorek", Jarocin small stage (1986), 1st place at the Warsaw "Poza Kontrola" festival, 1987 recordings at Poznan's Winogrady Studio which were released in 1992 on the cassette "Goodbye Nancy Spungen." In the same year, the band ended their activites for a long whole. Suddenly Bango had lost his life in a tragic car accident in 2002. At his funeral the idea thrown up to do a goodbye concert in his memory, but I didn't like the idea - why should we bury his spirit along with his body?? and that which he probably loved the most. That's why I gave a proposition to Kostek and Kon to reactivate the band.  Kostek wasn't entirely convinced, and Kon - I don't know if he wanted to or if he was handling it as an escape from reality.  Either way, he wasn't dedicated to any idea with his entire heart. 

So I started searching through the pit of young musicians, because that's what I felt like doing. I thought up to mix up us old farts with a more ambitious youth, who in desire of creation, will push forward this Babayaga mechanism. Meantime, I was also searching for a practice room, where Mr. Stanislaw Taraszkiewicz (Director) saved the day, so-to-speak. 

Placed in the group from reactivation were Kon (git), Kobel (bas), CoCot (git), Maurycy (dr), and Ania (voc). And ... lots of pain . . . this particular line up didn't have the heart and I had to do something. I kept trying to convince Kostek for a long time to strengthen the band a bit, and after a while he agreed to join, and started to get things going. First thing I did, was give him leadership of the group, because I had attacks from evil powers of doubt, and anxiety didn't help anything out.  

  Shortly after that incident, Maurycy, Ania, and Kon left the group. Domin (git)showed up during a practice, who shown what he's got and hopped into being a part of the band.  Doris also joined, where she was singing some cover song, and soon thereafter recieved a proposition to sing with Babayaga Ojo. Soon CoCot also left the group. In this manner, Babayaga Ojo was reformed and that line-up began performing concerts. 

We recorded a demo with 4 songs at Lukasz Migdalskiego's studio in Poznan's Staroleka. After being persuaded by the Director of Culture (in Puszczykowo) we took a part of another rock competition in Komornik, where we left with 1st place. Also Doris was awarded as best vocalist, and Domin as best guitarist. The grand prize was free recording in a studio, and we took advantage of that. After a great session, we were able to record all of the material on CD. The recordings took place at studio "Malym" with Robert Friedrich at production. Before the recordings, Domin forwarded us with the news that he decided to depart from the band, because he had his own plans and wanted to start a different group. His last performance with us was 23.06.2007 during a Motorcycle gathering in Wrzesnia. And again we had another personal problem with finding a guitarist. 

One day I went to Music Store in Poznan where I found an ad that a guitarist is searching for a band. In this way, Babayaga Ojo had a new face, a Pole that was born in the USA and lift their his entire life, where he played in the band RadioZDead. It's hard to hide that his engagement was at a maximum level, from good ideas musically to opening a DIY Record Company - VoodooMUSIC and distributing our first CD. During this time, CoCot returned to the band, because of improvement on his musical skills and his approach to the group. But unfortunetly for a short time. CoCot soon thereafter definetly left Babayaga Ojo. Im not going to go into details because it was his decision. 

At this moment the band is writing material for the second CD. I'm even expecting a few offers from other labels and distributors to give out this CD. We also are preparing some videos and some live concert clips will be thrown in here and there. For the end, I want to emphasize that Babayaga Ojo is not the same band that it was in the 80s and 90s and we are working to grow out of the musical assosiation with those times; although its those times are remembered with a tear in the eye. 


At the last minute: 

I forgot to add into the bio that there is one more person who from day one of the reanimation of the group has been commiting himself to the band, you could even say that he's a part of the Babayaga Ojo. He is Mosqit (our technical helper and webmaster). 

After CoCot left, we were open to other guitarists, Domin helped us very much by filling in as guitarist during concerts until we find a replacement. After playing with some candidates, Baszczak (from Sk-at) has joined the Babayaga Ojo line-up. I hope that we will be creating interesting new music together.


author: Kobel

Translation: Adrian


Currently Babayaga Ojo is...

KOBEL - bass

KOSTAS - Drums

DORIS - Vocal

ADRIAN - Lead Guitar

BASZCZAK - Rhythm Guitar