*We are looking for creative and willing people to take on the task of producing our next music video...***During concerts, CD's, t-shirts and other merchandise are available to buy, if your strong you can take them***After a long painful search, Baszczak (from Sk-at) has hopped onto the Babayaga Ojo bandwaggon as our new guitarist***

All concert offers and inquiries send to: voodoomusic@voodoomusic.eu
or call from 7:00 am till 9:00 p.m. (GMT + 1):
+48 788 464 298, Fax 24hr. +48 61 877 3071.




09.02.2008 - Site Updated. Check it out, and take a peek at our myspace. Feel free to comment anything you want. We listen to all of your complaints, shine them up nicely, turn them sideways and stick em straight up your candy ass. :-p